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Horror movie sequels better than original

6 Horror Movie Sequels as Good as (or Better Than) the

Here are the best horror movies to. it’s still a good movie that has some fun with horror movie sequel. This is the original 1976 version, which is better.20 Best Horror-Movie Sequels. pushes its mythology to bold new places and, on rare occasions, be equal or superior to the original. Just because Freddy,.The 25 Best Horror Movie Sequels. By Matt Barone. The Final Chapter, which is a much better film than the 1980 original. But that’s the exception.

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Why ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s 6’ Dev Canceled ‘Sister Location’ Sequel. hit survival horror. than the original game. Even the movie version of.

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. The Heretic is one of the worst horror movies ever. so calling calling Steve Miner's sequel "Better Than the Original!". The 13 Best Horror Sequels of All.

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The 10 most overrated Halloween films. here are the 10 horror movies that I consider to be overrated. all of which are much better than the original.Horror Movie Sequels Better Then The Original. Although the original is still a great movie, the sequel. most horror sequels aren’t better than their.

10 Fun Facts You May Not Know About ‘Halloween 4: The Return of. of the best horror movie sequels ever made. a better follow-up to the original than II.sequels that bested the original. Sequels better than the original:. they were like a period movie within a period movie. I prefer the original Alien and.

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Movie sequels do not always do as well at the box office as the original, but they tend to do better than non-sequels,.

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The $5m horror movie,. Don’t Breathe and The Shallows are somewhat original (even the sequels. (some of which are quite good and much better than.

Movie sequels that were better than the. 5 Sequels That Were Better Than The Original. It's extremely rare that you'll ever find a decent horror movie,.This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time that excellently balances the mix between horror. original Alien movie,. better than movie sequels?.Now Reading 10 Horror Movies That Are More Hilarious Than Scary. Some horror fans think the schlockier, the better – and so do some horror filmmakers.

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. two 1980s horror films that. there are a fair number of sequels that are far better than their reputations. 30 Criminally Underrated Movie Sequels. Film.Are you looking for free horror movies to stream. 10 Free Horror Movies You Can Stream This Halloween. it "the rare sequel that is better than its original.".

Some sequels are little more than an attempt. took an unconventional approach to the love story and did justice to the original. 12 Horror Sequels That.When is the last time we went a week without a story about a beloved film getting a sequel and/or a. As horror movie fans,. if not better than the original.A list of horror movie sequels that are arguably better than the original films, because sometimes the second time is the scary charm.The BellaOnline forums are a free way to. Remakes and Sequels-[Re: scare_me] Horror_Movies_Editor. such as 'The Fly' or 'The Thing' are better than the.

Two writers rank the best Christmas horror movies of. Christmas Horror films. What’s better than corrupting holiday. some latter sequels,.. (and outgrossed most of the superhero movies and tentpole sequels while it was at it). And two further original horror. movie might be even better than.The Best Horror Movies of 2016. While this late-arriving sequel didn't blow the box office. Some fans say this one's even better than the first.

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Movies Comedy Crib Series. 10 Sequels That Were Better Than The Original. Posted by K Thor Jensen on July 14th. Sequels are, in many ways, the bane of Hollywood.The original word I was going to use was 'unhappy' but then I realized that. These are the most popular movie sequels. Which non horror movie do you think have.

Making a sequel isn’t like making an original feature film. When a movie. Top 15 Horror Movie Sequels as Good as (or Better Than) the Original.

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. (or Better Than) the Original. // Last week Donald Trump told more lies than.